The Leominster History Study Group

The group has prepared several exhibitions;  has assisted with two Summer Schools; and has launched twelve publications. Copies of these two books are still for sale:

The Lion Hotel and Ballroom, Leominster 1997
Hymns Ancient & Modern and Henry Williams Baker 2013

ISBN 9780953631452  ISBN 0 99511995 5 2 

Previous publications, now sold out include:

French Barns, Cambridge Rolls and Register Grates 1999
The Early Church in Herefordshire 2001
facsimile: Price's History of Leominster 1793
Castle Moat, Leominster archaeology
Kimbolton with Hamnish 1986
Kimbolton with Hamnish into the New Millennium 2001
The Buttercross, 1993  (Leominster crossroads)
CD of Photographs Leominster Grammar Sch 2010

local books researched and published by the Group over thirty years on Industrial, Social, and Architectural History.

A&M and Henry Williams Baker OUR MOST RECENT BOOK describes a great Victorian endeavour.  Hymns Ancient & Modern sold over 2,000,000 copies in twenty years (from1861) with no institutional  backing from Church or State.   

Success was largely due to the drive of the Rev. Sir Henry Williams Baker,  vicar of the village of Monkland.
‘Hymns Ancient & Modern and Henry Williams Baker’ describes how this happened,  …and the reinvention of church architecture, music, organ building, decorative arts that was the background to the enterprise.

The book is  available from <> 
Aardvark Books U.K. have kindly agreed to handle overseas sales for us:    Tel: + 44 (0) 1547 530744 

Charter  from:
Registrum Magni Sigilli Regum Scotorum Vol 1, Appendix i, #71.

"Carta Malcolmi Comitis de Levenax. Robertus etc. Cum concessimus Malcolmo comiti de Levenax dilecto et fideli nostro terram de Strathoune..."      I've just finished the translation for Shaun B. for a study on Strathoune (now Strathavon) in Banffshire 

This book, 14th C., contains the Early English and Norman French 'Harley Lyrics.'
On folio 132r "Incipit legenda de S'to Etrfrido,"  there is the Leominster legend.
the legend is on folio 132r (hover in right margin: click f.132r).

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BL Harley 2253

Ye Olde Fashioned Version of the Story in 37 verses.
The Poem
EDFRIDE by John Hackluyt of Eaton was written (c. 1605) when Leominster was beginning to sort out the problems left by the Reformation -- school, library, amshouses, law enforcement. It is written in a deliberately old-fashioned style, and Blacklock mischievously claimed it was pre-Conquest.

I've just finished the translation for Shaun B. for a study on Strathoune (now Strathavon) in Banffshire