Leominster History Study Group


Hogarth's 'Cockpit' stands in for group photo

T H I S is a small group of writers, researchers, photographers, graphic designers and publishers whose interests are the local history of Leominster and the surrounding area. Local history is widely interpreted, ranging from prehistoric times to yesterday or even today, but focusing mainly on the life of North Herefordshire.

The books are illustrated with photographs, maps and drawings, and make extensive use of quotations and extracts from original sources. They appeal to a wide cross section of the public, to some older members of the community who have helped to record their local history; and young people with projects, and all who wonder about the history of the places where they live and work.

Every book benefits from the generosity in time and expertise of lecturers and archivists and members of the group.  Even so, to publish at prices that people are prepared to pay is not easy, and the group is immensely grateful for financial support in the form of grants, sponsorship and advertising revenue. The group very much hopes that this generous help will continue. Each book published must be self-financing, although the group aims to build up from any surpluses a small reserve of capital to use as a ‘pump primer’ fund for the next project.

Robert Walker, Chairman,
recently retired from a career in building conservation in Cambridge, western Scotland and Herefordshire. He is Hon. Curator of the Leominster Museum, a conservation advisor to the Canals and Rivers Trust and a member of the Hereford Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches. His association with Leominster goes back to 1968 when he first visited with his wife Meredith who is a Leominster girl. Robert’s recent publications include a detailed account of the dovecotes of Herefordshire, and a paper about Edward Longmore, the unfortunate Herefordshire Colossus. He is presently working on milestones and turnpikes, and Angel Roofs.

Arthur Davis,
a native of Leominster, formed a printing and publishing company in the early 1950's having spent a lifetime specialising in typography and graphics. A keen artist, he is an active member with the Birmingham Watercolour Society, Herefordshire Art & Craft Society and Ludlow Art Society.

Janet Butler,  Treasurer,
has been a member of L H S G since 1995.  She acts as Business Manager for the group and also assists with editing.   Churchwarden of the Church rebuilt by Rev. Sir Henry Williams Baker (of Hymns A&M fame).

Peter Holliday, Secretary,
was Leominster Librarian  for 23 years, retiring in 2004.  For several years in the 1990s he presented a 20-week course for the WEA: "Exploring Leominster's History."  He now lectures widely on all aspects and periods of the town's history.

Hugh Pawsey,
Having transcribed and translated the Vita Etfridi, he was invited to add a commentary for this Study Group's Early Church in Herefordshire.


We greatly appreciate the advice and past contributions of:
Tony Malpas, Past Chairman,
He and Ann worked with Arthur and Sheila Davis on The Book of Kimbolton with Hamnish, 1986, which led eventually to Leominster History Study Group.

Ann Malpas,
After moving to Kimbolton in 1976, Ann developed an interest in the history of North Herefordshire. Using her experience in research into the medical sciences, she created a variety of local history books and exhibitions.

Sarah Chedgzoy,
works with libraries, museums and archives in Herefordshire.

Duncan James,
Is a consultant to individuals and history societies. He recently presented lectures to the Woolhope and to Kington History Society on the history and design of timber-framed buildings.. His research, interpreting dendrochronology,  was incorporated into EPE Ledbury.