The booklet is a diligent reconstruction (photos, borders etc) from a poor and tattered copy of a book supplied by the Museum from their archives, choosing appropriate cord, paper and board, a facsimile was produced and then published by LHSG, relying on the expertise of Arthur Davis.

The original wartime obituaries which form the booklet suffered from the usual uncertainties and constraints of journalism in a nation at war.  Shortcomings were corrected or explained, as far as possible, in a Companion to the Booklet. The research for this was largely the work of Tony and Ann Malpas of the History Study Group.

Both were published for the Leominster Museum Exhibition


Open Days  for sharing keepsakes and records of the Great War 1914 - 1918

Information on the Museum Outreach Program.

Leominster Museum, Etnam Street.        Rifles and Spades 

Over sixty photographs of First World War Leominster soldiers and their families were showing on a rolling slide show. Many of the people in the pictures are unidentified, and we are hoping very much that during the next few months, at least some of them will be identified by local visitors when they come in to see the exhibition.