Past concerts: Border Voices  

Sunday March 26th at 7.00pm
Border Voices; Music for LentA rare collection of music from 17th Century originating in Mexico.

Music from the Time of Henry VII
November 13th 2016 7:30pm
Leominster Priory

Past Concerts: SUNDAY DECEMBER 18th 2016,   La Nouvelle Musique


Leomister Choral Society

for details see Leominster Choral Society Website.


Saturday 28th April 2018


A ‘Come and Sing’ day workshop


10.00 am - 4.00 pm at Leominster Priory


Border Voices: Previous Concerts:

Music from the Time of Henry VII
November 2016, Leominster Priory

Lassus final Masterpiece: Il Lagrime di San Pietro
In aid of The Priory Restoration
May 2015: Leominster Priory

Music of the North
Arvo Pärt     Robert Carver 
Leominster Priory;  May 2014

Févin Requiem

Music for Anne of Brittany,  twice Queen of France. 
Leominster Priory; November 2013 

From  Glogauer Liederbuch 

 Bonum vinum cum sapore
bibit abbas cum priore 
sed conventus de peiore

semper solet bibere
bibit semper misere 
qui non habet solvere.

 With the prior every day 
Abbot sips a good Tokay
savouring its fine bouquet.

 Lesser brothers’ tipple worse is,
drinking vinegar with curses,
brotherhood of empty purses.

The water-colour shown here is by John Scarlett Davis