Concert Venue

Sunday afternoon series   Lion Ballroom, Broad St., Leominster HR6 8BT

This might be a moment to explain the background to the running of the Lion Ballroom.  The building is owned by the Hinton family who were responsible some years ago, in conjunction with the National Lottery, for the complete restoration of the building from basically a wrecked state to that which you see today. We are very lucky  through the generosity of the family to have the free use of the Ballroom for our concert series which includes the heating, lighting, kitchen facilities and the beautiful Bechstein piano.  There is no funding of any sort to operate the concert series and all the revenue from ticket sales goes directly to the performers who generously provide their services on that understanding. With that information in mind, you will see that we are keen to raise audience numbers for obvious reasons.  We are also grateful to the Hintons for the printing of posters.  Other small things – programmes, tickets, refreshments etc. are provided by volunteers.


If you would be able to spare a moment or two to contribute to the developement of the concert series, please sent comments and suggestions to   ? We would really value your remarks.