The Charter can be found in Registrum Magni

Sigilli Regum Scotorum Vol 1, Appendix i, #71.


I've just finished the translation for Shaun B. for a study on Strathoune (now Strathavon) in Banffshire


"Carta Malcolmi Comitis de Levenax. Robertus etc. Cum concessimus Malcolmo comiti de Levenax dilecto et fideli nostro terram de Strathoune per forisfacturam David de Strathbolgy militis dudum comitis Adtholie tempore quo Duncanus comes de Fyff fuit contra pacem nostram de quo dicta terra tenebatur in capite, pro quaquidem terra idem Malcolmus nobis fecit homagium, et postea eidem comiti de Fyff concessimus omnes terras et tenementa cum omnibus tenandriis et libere tenentibus ad ipsum spectantes jure hereditario infra regnum nostrum, et cum dictus Malcolmus de jure non teneatur facere homagium dicto comiti de Fyff pro terra predicta in vita nostra nobis viventibus, concessimus eidem comiti de Fyff quod occasione homagii nobis per eundem Malcolmum facti pro eadem terra, cum warda relevium seu homagium vel aliquid aliud pertinens ad eundem comitem de Fyff de ipsa terra futuris temporibus contigerit, nullum prejudicium sibi aut heredibus suis aliqualiter generatur, sed quod habeat libere et quiete omnia et singula que sibi antiquis temporibus debebantur de eadem. In cujus rei testimonium etc."


Charter of Malcolm Count of Lennox. Robert etc [greetings]When we conceded to Malcolm. our dear and loyal Count of Lennox the land of Strathavon because of the earlier criminality (forisfacturam) of the soldier David Strathbolgy, erstwhile Count of Athol, at which time Duncan Count of Fife was at loggerheads (contra pacem nostram) concerning whose person (quo capite) the said land was held by, for which particular land the same Malcolm made homage to us; and afterwards we conceded to the same Count of Fife all the lands and tenancies, with the Teinlands (teinlandiis for tenandriis; lands held in knight service) and the freeholdings looking to himself by hereditary law under our rule, and, since the said Malcolm is not obliged by law to make homage to the said Count of Fife for the aforementioned land in our lifetime to us living, we concede to the same Count of Fife that, on the occasion of his homage to us made through the same Malcolm for the same land, when he shall have settled the wardage (payment for keeping the castle secure), the relevium (payment on inheritance) or homage (obligations of a vassal) or anything else pertaining to the same Count of Fife concerning the land itself in future times, no prejudice in any way whatsoever be engendered to him or his heirs, but that he hold freely and quietly all and singular what was due to him from ancient times concerning the same.  In witness whereof etc. ...

 (editorial comments and translator's explanations are in round barackets:  H J P)