BkCover: Shire horse and cart/ Tractor and ploughTHE BOOK OF KIMBOLTON with HAMNISH, 1986

Edited by Arthur Davis, Sheila Davis, Ann Malpas and Tony Malpas


To commemorate the nine-hundredth anniversary of the Domesday Book of 1086, this book was published as a pictorial record of the village and its people and for providing a view of life in Kimbolton Parish in 1986.

This printed edition includes many facsimile pages taken from an original display which was held in the village hall in 1986. The pages from this display were bound into two volumes and preserved by Leominster History Study Group.

Although the book is primarily a record of village life in the mid-nineteen eighties, it does stray occasionally into the past. The present condition of a place and its people makes scant sense without an awareness of their history. Such excursions into history are little more than diversions and were included as a starting point for future studies.Copies of this book are now difficult to find.

A follow up book was produced KIMBOLTON with HAMNISH into the new millennium…