1600:Abell's market,1900:TownHall,2000:BankThe Story of THE BUTTERCROSS


by Ann and Tony Malpas,
Sheila and Arthur Davis

ISBN 0 9511995 4 4 


£5: plus £3:50 p&p

Paperback  250mm x 185mm (landscape)  67 pages with numerous illustrations. 

war memorial, archaeology, library C.20 ButtercrossFirst published in 1993 

This is our second book, but the first we published as Leominster History Study Group. As with our first, The Book of Kimbolton with Hamnish 1986, this book began life as an exhibition, hence the large number of illustrations.

It records the history of two important buildings which have stood at the Buttercross, the timber framed Market Hall by John Abell of 1633 and the Victorian Town Hall by James Cranston of 1857.

It chronicles the controversy over the demolition in 1975 of the Town Hall, and also the archaeological investigations later carried out on the vacant site. The book then contains a detailed account of the eventual redevelopment in 1992. It also takes the opportunity to record a little of the history of the new occupants of the site, namely Barclays Bank, and a predecessor, Leominster Savings Bank, and the Leominster Library. There is a short section on Clocks at the Buttercross, with a review of the evidence as to what was eventually done with the turret clock on the Cranston Town Hall. Also included is the odd episode of the ‘Buttercross Budgie’.

The original pages of the exhibition were bound up into an album which is now in the care of the Leominster History Study Group and can be inspected on request to tony@leominsterhistory.org.uk

The text on the cover reads:  This book lays out the changing and sometimes controversial story of the Buttercross in Leominster. This is the second local history book by Ann and Tony Malpas together with Sheila and Arthur Davis, members of the Leominster History Study Group. It provides the answer to anyone who has ever wondered what filled the gaps in the streetline at the town centre crossroads, or it will bring back memories to those who knew.

Following the pattern of an exhibition stagedfor the opening of the new Leominster Library in April 1993, this book includes a series of interesting photographs and sets out the history of the buildings that stood at the Butter cross including Abell's Market Hall, the Cranston Town Hall and the modern Buttercross developments.