The Lion Ballroom:


The Lion Hotel and Ballroom

The Lion Hotel and Ballroom

by Ann Malpas

ISBN 0 99511995 5 2

Paperback 165mm x 235mm
67 pages, with 36 black and white illustrations.
First published 1997

'The Lion Hotel and Ballroom' was described by the late David Lloyd, the well-known Ludlow historian, as the best account he knew of an assembly room in a small country town. The author, Ann Malpas, was able to establish that the architect, until then unknown, was John Collins, a Leominster man, and that the date of the Ballroom was 1843.

The building is thus a Victorian assembly room in the Georgian style. Unfortunately, by 1843 public assemblies were going out of fashion, as also, with the coming of therailways, were coaching inns.So the Ballroom enjoyed a brief blaze of publicity followed by a long period of total obscurity – as an ironmonger’s showroom – until 1997, when it was restored to a new life as a recital room, cinema and meeting room.





Acknowledgements, Foreword: Norman C Reeves, Introduction.
1.  The Red Lion, a Farmers’ and Market Traders’ Inn.
2.  A Coaching and Posting House,  Royal Mail and distance      travel.
3.  From Red Lion to Lion Hotel,  1840s
4.  The Lion Assembly Room, the magnificent Lion Ballroom      1843.
5.  The Lion Works,  Samuel Alexander, agricultural engineer.
6.  Rescue and Restoration of the venue by the Hinton family.
7.  The Lion Ballroom, architecture and context.
     Illustrations, Biblography & Index


a)  the subject of an article in the Birmingham Post  (6 Oct)
b) written up in one of our best books  The Lion Hotel and Ballroom